Testers needed!
APTuner for Android needs testers to be placed in the Google Play Store! Can you help?
Email me at bromsaudio@gmail.com to get a download link. Thanks!!! Audio Joe


APTuner is a sophisticated chromatic tuner for your computer, tablet, and phone.
Come see the unparalleled accuracy and insightful user interface features.

Features you will love about APTuner

Note Detection

APTuner is built around a best-in-class note detector spanning 8 octaves even for low piano notes.

Our analysis algorithm eliminates many of the octave or fifth errors you often see with other tuners.

Temperaments & Transpositions

APTuner has all the features you expect in a full featured tuner:

  • Adjustable A4 frequency
  • Transpose concert pitch to your instrument.
  • Switch to a wide range of historical temperaments.

Current Development

We are currently in active development of a new multi-platform version of APTuner.

Both Windows and iOS are available now!

Feedback is always welcome. Thank you!!!

APTuner for Windows 3 (Classic)

Yes, we still have the ever popular have APTuner 3 for Windows. Download it here.

APTuner for Windows is shareware. Send a donation of any amount ($35 recommended) to my Paypal account and I'll send back the registration code. Thanks!

Send email to Joseph Broms at bromsaudio@gmail.com

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